About Us

About Us

Whoozl is a social music network, designed to facilitate a relationship between users and music. Registered users have the capability of downloading, transmitting, distributing, receiving, playing, storing and organizing data namely, personal information, music files, video clips, multimedia files namely files containing a combination of text, music, digital images, animation and video clips, music files, still images namely digital images and photographs, moving pictures namely music videos comprising text, graphics and video content, image, audio, and audiovisual files.

Whoozl provides tools to enable users to program and distribute audio and audiovisual content namely, music recordings, music albums, extended music singles, music and other multimedia content namely image files comprising digital images and photographs, on computers, consumer electronic devices and local and global computer networks via communications networks

  • Telecommunications services, namely, electronic transmission of data, messages, graphics, images and information for facilitating social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • Access to computer, electronic and online databases in the field of music, social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • A “Hub” for sharing and transmission of information on topics relating to taste in music, social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • Online communications links which transfer web site users to other local and global web pages relating to music sharing, social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users in the field of music, social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • internet broadcasting services relating to music, social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • Electronic transmission of digital photo files, videos, audiovisual content relating to social introductions, interactions, and networking via telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks and the internet;
  • transmission of messages among computer users with common interests to assist these groups in coordinating group meetings and activities relating to social introductions, interactions, and networking via a website on the Internet;
  • creating an online community for registered users to organize groups and promote events, participate in discussions, form virtual communities, and engage in social and community networking;
  • hosting online web facilities for others for organizing and conducting meetings, events and interactive discussions relating to social introductions, interactions, and networking via communication networks;
  • application service provider (ASP) featuring software to enable or facilitate the uploading, downloading, streaming, posting, displaying, blogging, linking, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information over communication networks for purposes of sharing music, social introduction, interactions, and networking; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software and applications for social networking, creating a virtual community, and transmission of data,  messages, images, graphics, photographic images, video, audio and audiovisual content relating to social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • customized web pages featuring user-defined or specified information including personal profiles, audio, video, photographic images, text, graphics and data relating to social introductions, interactions, and networking; providing a web site featuring technology that enables online users to create personal profiles featuring social networking information and to transfer and share such information among multiple websites to facilitate social introductions, interactions, and networking;
  • hosting an online website community for registered users to share information, photos, audio and video content for the purposes of social introduction, interaction, and networking;
  • the ability to create and maintain blogs relating social introductions, interactions, and networking for others; all of the aforesaid services relating to purposes of social introduction, music sharing, interactions, and networking;

Frequently asked Questions

1. Why should I create an account?

The Company turns music discovery into a visual form of entertainment and provides a place to engage in social interaction with other users while you listen to music. Users can create a personal profile, upload their pictures, follow others, leave and reply to messages, listen to music, watch videos, comment on songs, post stories, contribute to the “What’s Buzzing” section and share playlists. You can also expand your reach and introduce your social following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to the Platform using our built-in links. If you aren’t a social bee, you can always listen in isolation but music is so much more fun when you find new friends that share a similar taste. If you’re an Artist, you can upload your music, album covers, pictures, music videos, video clips, stories, blogs, message others, provide links to buy your merchandise and music, post concert dates and link your social accounts to your profile and send individual messages or blast message users that follow you.

2. How do I get noticed on the platform?

To draw attention to yourself on the platform, make sure you have a great profile picture, as well as an eye-catching profile page, also leave interesting stories. Be sure to leave lots of comments, always reply to comments and direct messages, post blogs, follow other users, share your playlists, connect your social media accounts, visit the HUB daily and join in on conversations.

3. Why should I put my music on your platform?

We are a new grass roots movement, we care about indie artists and the whole indie movement. It is very difficult for an artist to make it as an independent.

We understand the importance of engagement between the users. As an Artist you need your fans promoting you and your music constantly. We also understand the influence that fans can have over each other and how connections can form when they have a common interest, music. As an artist, your music has a better chance of being discovered because our platform allows for a relationship to develop between users who have similar taste in music.

In addition, each user has the ability to share music. That means that one fan sharing your music can increase your social media reach exponentially. (for example, one fan can equate to 4,000 ears.)

We know that the money in the music industry comes from performing, but before that happens, artists need to have fans.

4. What’s the HUB all about?

A HUB provides a way to connect and watch music discovery other users who share a similar taste in music to you. Basically, a HUB is a community of users with similar taste. A HUB shows the listening habits of the users who follow the same artists you follow. It shows the real time listening habits as well as how many times a song has been played and how many times a song has been added to a playlist. Users are encouraged to leave comments and create dialogue with other users, check out videos and read the blogs.

A HUB provides a way to introduce you to users and music that you should like but may not have discovered on your own.

In the HUB you can add a song to your playlist, and tell friends about it on Facebook and Twitter, buy a song on iTunes, read blogs and discover who’s talking about what. Your HUB introduces you to the music, activity and users on the platform that you might enjoy.

5. As a new user how do I use the platform?

Sign up and create an account. Once you receive the confirmation email, log back into the platform and create your user profile. Start following other users and discover great indie music as well as other users who share your taste in music.

Be sure to create a playlist of your favourite songs. Other users will be interested in knowing your taste in music. If you like the songs, be sure to use the Twitter and Facebook share buttons to push your favourite songs on social media. Leave lots of comments and be sure to reply to other comments. The latest comments are posted in the HUB join the dialogue and get to know the other users.

If you’re an artist add your music to your profile, create an introductory bio, add links to your website, store and post your upcoming events. You can also create a tip jar

6. Why can’t I use all the features on the platform

You have to have an account to have access to the free features on the Platform

7. Can I find music by genre?

Yes, artists can be found and sorted by broad genre categories in the Directory.

8. How do the Charts work?

The charts show the top 25 songs listened to on our platform. It is updated every Monday morning.

9. How do artists get their picture on the HOME PAGE?

The spots on the home page will eventually be paid for ads. In the meantime, it is free, and we have the more popular artists on a rotation. We update the rotation regularly

10. How do you select the Featured Artist?

Our management team selects the Front Page monthly featured artist based on the artist’s music and their support of the platform.

11. Can I sell merchandise or advertise my events?

Yes, if you wish to advertise upcoming events or sell your merchandise, just click the three buttons on the menu bar and follow the prompts. Your events will be displayed on your artist profile as well as the HUB. These features are free and 100% of the profits for merchandise sold goes to the artist.

12. How does an artist get paid?

We pay for licenses to stream in Canada, US and the UK and we report streams based on their reporting requirements. We abide by the rules set by the P.R.O.’s.

Artists must belong to a P.R.O. to receive their payment. Examples of Performing Rights Organizations are SOCAN, BMI, ASCAP SESAC etc. Whoozl reports to the P.R.O.s and the P.R.O.s distribute the money based on their revenue sharing models.

We have a tip jar and with the tip jar the money goes directly from your fans to you via pay pal with all the online security that pay pal offers.

13. Is the music censored?

No, our music is not censored. Some content is not appropriate for young audiences.

14. Can my music be taken down for copyright infringement?

Absolutely. If you did not compose the music yourself, record and produce it yourself, or write the lyrics you could be in violation of copyright infringement. The best way to avoid copyright infringement is to ensure you don’t use material that was originally created by someone else. If they created it, they own it. If you want to use it, get the necessary permission or seek legal advice.

15. Do you have an App?

The App is being developed and should be released soon.

16. Do you offer premium accounts?

We will be offering Premium Accounts with some additional features. The details are being finalized. In the meantime, all accounts are free.

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